MARCH Spiritual Laundry Healing Class


Where: Magnolia Wellness

With: Maria Martinez, Spiritual Guide and Founder of  Collective Grace


Spiritual Laundry is an energy healing class designed to clear your human layers and expand your soul's vibration. Consider it your chance to connect with your soul's inner guidance, while getting to know your own internal GPS. During this enlightening evening, Maria will lead everyone through a series of meditative practices to quiet the mind, balance the emotions, detox the physical body, and strengthen the nervous system through breathing exercises. She will teach a variety of spiritual tools from multiple backgrounds to peel off the layers of human perception that can cloud the view of what it is to be truly soul-centered, then she will close the evening with a healing sound bath and a very special tradition called "peanut hour"—a sacred time of relaxed chatting over tea and light healthy snacks—the essence of community.



Born and raised in Colombia, Maria is a spiritual guide, an intuitive healer, and a Kundalini Yoga teacher. An artist from a very young age, she tapped into the subtle world of energy healing through visualizations and soul regressions led by her South American teachers. Fascinated by this unspoken world, she has done extensive studying in many profound philosophies and spiritual fields. Her classes are a container of pure vibration and unconditional love. Through her healing circles and private sessions, Maria is here to inspire you to understand your path as an incredible opportunity rather than a never-ending tsunami.



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Bring a friend or two that you think will benefit from this group energy!