Befriend the Gibiris

Why is it easier to focus on the bad rather than to observe all the good and gentle glide through the bad? Comfort.

We are always presented with a choice: evolve or remain. If you choose to remain unchanged, you'll be presented with the same challenges, the same lessons, the same situations. You'll attract the same guys or girls until you learn from them until you love yourself enough to say "no mas" until you choose to change. When you choose to change, you decide to evolve, and you will connect with the strength within you, you will explore what lies outside the comfort zone, you will understand why is your heart beating so fast, what is it trying to tell you and why you get a case of the gibiribiris. This is your path to awaken your consciousness, to love yourself, to become. 

By not owning up to our fears, it's easy to live in a place of victimization. Instead, if we embrace the situation, if we decide to truly dissect and turn it around, meaning not be a victim of our mental prison, but stating that in fact, "I'm good, I'm safe," or "it's because I do this or that" without judgment. Just observation, then it empowers us. It gives the authority to fly high. The problem here is that if you do so, you know you're leaving your comfort zone, and as much as this sounds amazing, it's scary. 

The comfort zone is that place where we get the "awh and the "um's" from the people around us. The "pity parties" feels so good, so cozy there. It's the place where we get others' attention on how bad we should all feel about our situation. If we take charge, and empower that situation then we won't get the "awh's" and the "umh, 's" any more. So we rather stay a victim for the comfort of it than rising and become the leader of our own path and our journey.



  1. When a situation presents its self, ask yourself, have you been here before? How many times have you gone throw this loop?
  2. Where can you interrupt the loop? Where does your pity party begin, so you can interject like a ninja and say: "Nop, I see you, we're no longer going to the comfort zone."
  3. What is it that you don't want to be or feel accountable for? How can you start taking accountability for this loop?
  4. And what are you going to do next time it arises to change this pattern? We need to interject a new habit for our minds to change the neurological path we have been created for years. A new connection needs to form, letting our brains know we are A-OK with what's happening, we're supported, and we can totally handle it.

Our hearts and body will also get the message. This will make us feel the gibiribiris, tingly nervousness, and we'll ask ourselves if this is right, if this is the best decision. This is your answer. When something feels uncomfortable, you rather do it, but not doing it means staying in your comfort zone. Befriend the gibiribiris and rise, change the patterns; this is your green light. Stay strong; you're actually doing something good for yourself.

So please always, know, you know, find one pattern you would like to change. Catch yourself in the act. Interject a new habit. Boom. You are awakening your consciousness and a completely new person — less suffering, more power to you for taking charge of your own home and mind.


xoxo, Maria


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March 16, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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