Where do we star?


I'm so happy you're here. I'm so excited to get to share a few minutes with you. Thank you for looking around, I hope this space and this energy serves you for whatever it is you need; peace, love, tranquility, compassion, redirection, strength, courage, creativity, empowerment.


Peace. Begins. With. Me.

1. We start by trying different things, make them a practice and eventually turn into beautiful habits.

2. The importance of a practice is that it carves the path to a strong and clear connection with your true self.

3. We carve this path by searching within.


Searching within is empowerment. I understood how important it is to be responsible for our own being, to take accountability for your “stuff” and dust it off. We are not taught to look inside, we are not taught to participate in our own healing, to seek within.

Searching within is the most beautiful journey you could ever allow yourself to go through. This is my fire; I want to share this feeling, inspire this undertaking, magnify this abundance in you because we have been taught that seeking from others to resolve ourselves is the safe route.

To release our anxiety and discomfort, unhappiness, and drama-mamma, all the self-imposed layers we love to put in our pockets and can carry with us, we must search within...and where do we start? By trying different self-awareness tools, meditations and developing some cool habits that are actually good for us.

And then what? Then we get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Searching within means having a conversation with yourself, yes, you with you, and admitting how, when and why you are the way you are, and walk the path of seeing, understanding, forgiving and shifting yourself. It means coming to terms with how you are and who you want to be and remove one and raise the other one!

You're fully equipped, wired and powered — a full force to take control of all the emotions and commotions that rule your world. Peace truly begins with you and not by holding onto an outside source, but by searching deep within. 



Commit to a practice. We have created a plethora of options for you: 

Join our membership, try a meditation, try one of my “on the go road maps” but do it because it feels good, because it makes you happy and because you decide to come to terms that it's possible to be happy in human form and you are ready for a change. 

So that said...where do we start? You already did! Just by being curious, just by wanting something new, just by opening your heart and allowing yourself to feel who you truly are!



xoxo, Maria


P.S: As always if you have any questions we are here to help. Send us a message our customer service team is  HERE to help. 
P.S2: We would 💛 to hear from you! Leave a comment below ⤵︎ share with us (Maria and our team) where are you in your journey, are you excited? Does it feel scary? We're here for you, and we believe in you, you got this! Chat soon?


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