How to actually "let it go"

The world is waking up! The world is opening up to so much more awareness and we're starting to shift into the beginning of a new era. The Aquarian age.

This has brought awareness about love, self-care, empowerment, and women rising, to name a few. A big theme is to let things go, to move on, to not attach. And as much as I wanted to “let go” of things, all the quotes I read, pin and followed, I didn't really know how to actually "let go" of things. I mean yes, I would forgive and tell myself it wouldn't bother me, but then it would sneak up on me and bother me again! Aye Dios Mio! It was not working! 

So here's what I learned through personal experiences and through hearing many, many teachers and philosophies from many practices share about letting go. 

Letting go is an act of multiple dimensions. You have to consciously be willing to let it go, but also you have to release it energetically (so from your energetic body, your aura, your magnetic field, your 10 bodies). This practice does both. Letting go is the act of willingly saying; I choose not to hold this feeling or thought anymore and forgive, forget and release for the highest good of all involved.



We write it out.


Because when you write you are unloading all unresolved emotional experiences that are sitting in your subconscious, hence letting “it” go consciously and energetically.


There's no right or wrong time. When you feel annoyed, heavy, lost.


  • Paper - use all the magazines and catalogs you get in the mail (that you never register to). Instead of throwing them away write on them. All the paper you're going to trash or recycle. 
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Lighter or another source of flame
  • Burning-friendly surface: Large metal/glass bowl or cauldron, a pan, a fireplace, dirt or stone clearing, etc.
  • Whatever else helps you find a sense of peace within some sage or palo santoessential oils, incense, healing sprays, a comfy sweater!


  • Sit in a place that you feel comfortable and at peace. 
  • Get some paper, a pen, a few friends; aka: incense, sage...set your mood.
  • Start writing.
  • Write anything that comes to your mind. Or a circumstance that happened. Or something you are mad, or sad about. Or what you want to let go off. Naturally, you'll start writing what it is you need to let go off.
  • You can also ask for help or guidance. If you wish to ask for courage, strength love, ask for it. Whatever it is this is your time, your communication, your one-on-one with the universe, be unapologetic about it ;)
  • Once your done writing, everything you want to release or everything you want to let go, it’s time to burn! Please be safe and careful.
  • As you burn the papers, say a prayer, or a few words. I relax, I let go, my life is in perfect flow.


Take a few deep breaths, you can rub your hands together: washing yourself of any attachment to anything you just released, both desired and undesired. Say thank you to your guides, your energy, your universe for protecting you from taking care of you.


xoxo, Maria


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