First things first...

Awakening your consciousness means getting to your you intricate structure. So it is key to know that you have indeed, 3 minds. Not just one, but 3. Let's start here. This was fundamental for me when I first started. Starting to recognize who was talking to me. Which of my 3 minds was driving the bus during certain situations was mind-blowing.

The mind has three powerful functions, to be Negative, to be Positive and to be Neutral. Because you have earned the right to this life, you have the Negative Mind to instinctively protect you. It alerts you to something that is wrong or is a threat. Your Positive Mind is used to expand a thought instead of contrast it. If it acts too much this way, you can never reach your Neutral Mind. Then your Neutral Mind can say to you, “That is negative and that is positive, but this is you in relation to all of that -  your neutrality. No strings attached, no judgment, no "agenda". It is a neutral feeling or thought set for the highest good of all involved.

All this said it's just good for you to have this awareness. When you find yourself in the midst of things, thoughts or circumstance, ask yourself, is this my negative mind talking to me? Or my positive? What would my neutral mind say about this? This helped me tremendously because it not only forces you to think things through but also you have a good sense of security that your decision is the best for all since it has been selected from your natural mind - - I hope!

Practice, start observing yourself, find your self and discern them voices inside that head of yours ;) 


xoxo, Maria


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