Words, Music & Good Vibes

Everything is made of atoms.

And these atoms all vibrate.

And even what we consider empty space is really not "empty", since it's full of atoms, right?

So in essence, we're constantly surrounded by vibration (energy) made of endless atoms. So it's safe to say that we live in an ocean of vibratory waves. 

You are made of vibration as well; your cells vibrate at a certain speed, your heart, and your thoughts. Two venues are always surrounding your world and one that you should introduce to balance it all. 


#1 Music
Music is everything; there is a genre for every single person on this planet - I mean, I think about this for a second - all 7.63 billion people. Music has this magic touch. It can make you feel good or bad, take you to the past or the future, make you cry or laugh. It’s because its vibration merges with your vibration. A good song can instantly put you in a good mood, right? Get you dancing; grooving set you free, but also a sad song can bring you down, and take you on a sad memory lane, it lowers your vibration. 

#2 The Word
Talking to a  good friend or a bad friend or your mom has the same effect. When we are feeling sad or down, we search for someone to talk to, we reach out. The words, the tone of voice the sentiment that's put into a conversation can either make you feel better or worst. It's their vibration that is merging with yours.


#3 Mantras
Mantras, which in Sanskrit, “man” translates to mind, and “tra” means to free, has a very particular vibration, a very high vibration that helps us raise our vibration. Why do we want to live in a higher vibration, because that's where the feelings of love, compassion, understanding, ease, and peace are at. So when a higher vibe surrounds you, and things come at you, you tend to take them lightly, attach less to them, and gracefully move through them. 

When we practice the sounds of a mantra, breath, and rhythm, we can produce profound effects in our immune system, our thoughts, and emotions. It’s as if sound and breath are the conductors of a symphony, and you are the composer. You can change the notes of the symphony, to create chords of happiness, sadness, vitality, or calmness. This capacity is inherent in our design and requires no particular drug or belief. The power of mantra uses sound, breath, and rhythm to shift or adjust our vibration. That's why after you sit and listen or, better yet, chant a mantra, the feeling of ecstasies is indescribable because your vibration has been completely changed and elevated.


Here are some of my ultimate favorite mantras and a Spotify playlist with some music for your soul!

  • Mantra for healing
  • Mantra to remove obstacles
  • Mantra for balance
  • Mantra for prosperity
  • Mantra to relax 
  • And my ultimate favorite Mantra, that will melt all your day into fairy dust: This Gem.


When to listen to them? You can sit quietly and chant them, listen to them, or mentally repeat them. You can have them as background music in your house, while you do laundry, the dishes, while you cook. While you drive, in the office, personal favorite time; in the shower (most powerful ninja trick ever)

Pay attention to the sounds that you surround yourself with (music + words). Even in silence, we can hear the beat of our hearts. Are these sounds raising your vibration, do they make you feel uplifted, lighter, give you peace of mind? Or are they contracting you, stressing you out? Readjust, shift, change the frequency when needed, it's yours, and you're in command; it reflects the way you feel, the way you manifest, and the way you build your life. 

As always, if you have any questions, I am here to help. I hope this nugget of info serves you, and you're inspired to play some mantras in your house, while you cook, shower, or do some laundry! Either way, it's in your hands to use all these tools to raise your vibe, and when in doubt, now you know, dance it out!


xoxo, Maria


P.S: I would 💛 hear from you! Leave a comment below ⤵︎ share with me where are you at in your journey with sound and mantras, or if you have any questions. See you soon?


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