Remove all rubbish

Do you ever get caught up in a repeating loop in your mind, recreating what happened, what was said, what you could've said, but didn't and what you would definitely say next time!? You know it's pointless and nothing but a waste of energy and, time. Break free.

Learn this - and take it out of your pocket as many times as you need to. Make it a habit to come back to this when you need grounding. When your mind is taking over! Come to Now!



5 things you can see

4 things you can touch

3 things you can hear

2 things you can smell

1 thing you can taste

*** Don't believe everything you think


This will bring you to the present. Be mindful of what actually matters. Release anxiety. Bring you peace, and beyond all gratitude.

This is great when you catch yourself thinking too much about the future or the past. When you are in a conversation where you wish you could exit gracefully. When you feel sad. It is so beautiful to bring back our attention to our five senses, the way we get our information and then decide to make mash potatoes out of it in our head. This hack shows our mash potatoes what's up, who's in charge and how beautiful it is to actually live in the present. It shows us that we are safe, that there's indeed a plan, and that we are not alone.

Remember this easy hack and take it out every time you need it! Our earth is here for us, to shift us to bring us back to "reality". It turns out that shifting and going to a better place is actually this simple.


xoxo, Maria


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