What you're looking for...

There are places, there is music, there are cords that will connect you with the infinity, with your deepest most utterly truth. With the message, with the hugs, with the tenderness, you are looking for.


Drop in. Drop into your heart. Surrender to this vast world within you. Dive deep, go even deeper. When you think you found a way, dive even longer. Dive so deep until you feel the endless stream of movement, until you find no bottom, until you meet no floor, no walls, no roads. Until you realize you are infinite, always evolving, constantly flowing, there is no limits, there is not hard stops. There is only movement, expansion and infinit growth. Be a fish chanting and dancing, swimming across time. Sheading, forgiving, and then forgiving more. Forgive those who hurt you, forgive yourself for hurting others. Transcend eternity. Illuminate. Recover. To raise even higher this time.


To all soul, raise, you have done this so many times. Get to your wall, and bring it down. So u can flow.


xoxo, Maria

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