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If you are here, you are curious, and if you are curious you are so ready, so — why wait?! Spiritual practices in my book must be practical. Don’t make it a ritual, we are not trying to add another layer to our lives, meditation is here to support your every day flow.

Create a sacred space
I mean, it’s not hard to convince most of us to make our spaces a bit prettier, right? So I approach it this way. I’ve created a beautiful area in my house that I meditate on every day, and it houses all the things that help me get into a calm state for meditation.


Where and when? Everywhere all the time, available for you 24/7. You can practice in an Uber, at the grocery, having dinner with your family, any time any place you need a boost of strength, joy, love or simply connection to your path. That said, it is a nice to have a mediation space if you can. A peaceful and quiet spot that is not crowded, feels calm and simple. You don't need much, it can be as simple as a pillow and a candle in the most cozy corner of your home. It will become a very important place for your soul.

Set the tone
When it’s time to meditate, I flick on some incense Root or Heart centers (I love the smell), I fluff up my pillows and I grab a couple crystals. Whether or not you believe in their healing benefits (I do, clearly!), I think they can guide you and support you dive deeper.

If you’re a skeptic about their healing benefits, by all means, go for ones you’d like to just have on display in your space. But if you’re a believer, I really can’t stress enough that I feel different energies on different days so it’s worth finding which crystals will help you best for your specific needs. 

I’m also a huge believer in the power of aromatherapy. I love "El Santo ( - Palo Santo - )— perfect to refresh the space and set your mind for success, but if you are feeling a bit under the weather "El Amor" ( - Rosemary, Rose Geranium - )  is great to settle your body and mind, it also helps me with headaches. I love spritzing some "La Calma (- Lavender and Ylang-Ylang -) , taking a big inhale, and then I’m able to really settle in.



Time was an old excuse. If you have time to go down an Instagram black hole or a Netflix binge 'till 3 a.m., then you have 3, 5, 11, 31 minutes for yourself. Your only problem is finding the time, and that means making the time. So when do we practice? I will show you sets that you can do in the morning, or at night. Sets that you can do when you are feeling mad, sad, anxious. It is a matter of remembering you have these tools at all times.

Make it a habit
You’ve likely heard this a million times but it’s such an important point, I wanted to go out on it. Find a time that you can carve out 5-15 minutes a day for, schedule around it and then commit to it. You’ll likely not want to do this at first, especially because we’re all so busy and sitting there for 15 minutes alone with your thoughts may not be the most appealing addition to your day at first! But trust me, achieving this peaceful time for just you every day will quickly not only be a loved addition but a required one. When I don’t meditate, I just feel different, and not in a good way.



Be comfortable
Wear something non-restrictive, throw on socks if it’s chilly, even put on a blanket!  Your body temperature will drop down as your mind quiets down and your body is not moving much. Do what you need to do to be comfortable. There’s no right way to get comfy and to meditate.

Please note, this is a self-discovery journey. Be kind to yourself, be patient with your mind, and know that we are rewiring your wires. Practices make the master.  


Life happens so if you can't find a rhythm, check my posts of other types of meditations you can do during your day or night time! Any 3, 5, 10 or even 31 minutes you give to your mind, she will be forever grateful!


xoxo, Maria



P.S: As always if you have any questions we are here to help. Send us a message our customer service team is  HERE to help. 

P.S2: Let me know how it goes, let's start to build a space where it feels safe, a home inside your home.

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