How to clean the energy of a space

They're many tools and methods to clean the energy of a space. We spend so much time at home or in our office, we might not notice how much our energy stays and lingers. These places are so important to us, so much happens here. So many memories and emotions are left behind. Have you ever walked into a place where as soon as you walk in, you feel an overwhelming sense of peace, lighter air to breathe? Or the other way around? You feel trapped, heavy or all of a suddenn...sad?

We work out, we shower and we love to take care of ourselves, but we pay little to no attention to the places we visit often. 

Recently, we moved to a new studio a few blocks away from our last one, so a deep cleansing was necessary. The following list is a quick -- but oh- so effective -- a small practice I do at least once a week! These to-dos are not just for moving into new spaces. They can be used on a weekly basis or as part of a monthly wellness routine to clean your space or your own energy. It’s so worth the extra 5 minutes before doing your daily activities... I highly recommend it. Give it a try!



  1. Open all the doors, windows, blinds, and get ready to let the light shine!
  2. Sweep, starting with the front door! Yep, do a nice conscious light dusting around the house. Put some music on, and let the energy know you are present and here to take control of the vibration of your space. 
  3. Start at the front of your door and light a sage stick, gently blow on it until a large amount of smoke builds up. Walk clockwise around your home/office/art studio. Get in all corners, closets, bathrooms, everywhere. Sage is like taking an energetic shower or doing a deep meditation. The use of sage is for healing. The smoke is used to bless and clear the space. You are just “washing off” everything that is not yours
  4. Tape one selenite crystal on each corner of your house. Selenite removes any negative energies or influences and also prevents any harmful energies from permeating your home - GET YOURS HERE 
  5. Light a white candle as a way of closing this beautiful moment you have given to yourself and to those who share this space. A clean scent and a peaceful environment help reset your mindset. 

If you feel a sense of peace or find yourself moving through life in a more effortless way, now you know why. Make these small but so significant to-do’s a habit. Honor your space and surround yourself with clean vibes.


xoxo, Maria


P.S: We would 💛 to hear from you! Leave a comment below ⤵︎ share with us (Maria and the CG team) did you clean your space? How did that feel? Any life shifts :)  See you soon?



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