All the Feelings

Think about it this way. We are an intricate connection of body fluid, emotions and billions and trillions of cellular composition. Everything has a function in your body. Everything. There's not one cell that is like, ...uhm, hey, you know what, I have nothing to do today, or I don’t have a task I’m just here chilling like a villain. 


Everything in our mind, body, and soul has been created to function with a purpose, to give you clues, to gently help you navigate your journey. So feelings are part of this. But since they can be a little intimidating, or just so overwhelming to deal with, we rather just shove them down and just go along life believing what others have to say, think, or tell us to think. So we believe what people tell us we are, and what we should do with our lives, we even believe everything our mind tells us :O oh no, no-bueno.

So a few years back, I had it with what people around me were telling me to "believe" it was just simply not doing anything for me. So, of course, a tsunami of emotions came flooding - all of those that we store for years and years…

As much as it was like a roller coaster, these needed to be sort out. Hey, this gave me a huge piece of advice for life: stop believing and simply start feeling. Why, because when you feel, it's your soul talking to you. Telling you what to do, guiding you for your highest good. Because when you feel life becomes easier because you're not living on your own, you have now a guide, and a very wise one. Probably one, that has done this at least 8.4 billion times...if not more; your soul. 

When you listen to your feelings is when clarity arises. But society has taught us not to listen to what we feel, or if we do, we fit labels; "too sensitive" or to "delicate" which in itself it’s just another way to shove things deeper. No feelings are bad, even the bad feelings are telling us something, they are like messengers desperately screaming for our minds to see it, to recognize what it is we need to ask from others, or to heal or to rise and get what we need. 

So I started embracing my feelings. Truly listening to what they had to say in my body. When I finished a conversation with someone that left me feeling "weird" I stop getting busy with the next thing on my list. Instead, I forced myself to stop. At that time. Regardless of how busy I was, or how many things I had to do, this is my priority, this is #1 thing on my list. Why? Because deciphering your feelings at those precise moments, allows you to dive a little deeper within. What do I mean by this? Well, if you just sit and breath for a few minutes, and then ask your self, "why do I feel this way, what just happened? What was said that I didn't like? What left me with this weird feeling?" You are creating space for this feeling to rise up from your "gut" where doubt gets stored, or your hips, where fear is always in reserve mode, to come up and show you what it is that is bothering you, why you are feeling sad, or empty or not appreciated. 

Then, my friend, you have peeled one more layer from your onion. You are lighter, wiser and yet more in truth with who you are, and who you are not! What you like, and what you are willing to take from people or not. You have leveled up!

Here is a little process I go throw every time I end up feeling "ekk" after a conversation or a happening. I do it immediately because it is soooo important to process asap, rather than sit on a dirty stew of nasty feelings all day, where you touch everything you do or everyone you interact with, with this dirty feeling or "vibe" of yours. Hence "spread good vibes" aka: process your own stuff, in real time people!



1. How do I feel?

2. What is it, something I did/said?

3. What is it, something someone else did/said?

4. What made me feel this way?

5. Now I know that: 

6. I forgive them as I know they speak and act from what they know. I forgive myself as I know I am just like them, learning and healing.



1. Live a life of love. La, lalala, la.

2. Pay close attention to your brains: your mental brain, your heart brain, and your gut brain.

3. Stay tuned with your feelings. (This will get easier the more you practice). Check up on your self during the day. How I'm feeling in the A.M., at lunch, driving home, before bedtime?

If this is hard for you, just because we just don't know how too, visit our Current Mood portal to help dissect what it is you are feeling.

4. If something comes up...stop everything and everyone around you! (It's just for a few minutes ;) 

5. Figure your feelings out. Sort them out, place them in their right departments, call it for what it is.

6. If by the end of the day you are still feeling "the feeling"....write and burn my dear! Read all about it here.

If you are in this Collective Grace space just for a few seconds and you are never coming back again, then at least walk away with this piece of information that will save your life greatly. Seriously, trust me, after you do this your life will never be the same. So cheers to the best new habit I could ever leave you with: Write, burn and release baby!

7. ...and if you are still feeling a big nasty hole in your heart, rub some of this incredible Geranium - Laurel & Eucalyptus oil  in your sternum where your heart is located and go to sleep. Let your soul process, guide you and let you see, what we are not seeing.


xoxo Maria





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