Energy Healing

$120.00 | 60. mins.

Energy healing session

This is where you lay down and relax and we'll clear your energy, balance your nervous system, redirect your flow and remove blockages from your mind, body, and soul. We will go on a sound bath journey, a visualization together to heal wounds, old stories, forgive loved ones and find your self in the midst of all these layers. 

A renewing one-hour session designed to heal your 10 bodies, and connect with your divine intuition and soul path. You will find answers to empty feelings, and a reason to build a stronger and more fulfilling journey for yourself.

Maria is located in Huntington Beach, California.



* Please note: It's a journey for both and I will discern whether it's a good match for us to work together or not. All sessions are non-refundable    

P.S. There's no payment at this time. This is just a chance for you to book a time and date that works best for you. 




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Prenatal Energy Healing

For all women thinking about conscious conception, throughout pregnancy, birth and the first three years of life. It's truly a powerful way to understand, connect, heal and ground yourself in this incredible new roll. 

In-person or Virtually - 60 or 90 minutes

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