Yoga + Meditation Custom Practice

$120.00 | 60. mins.

Customized healing practice


A customized practice to survive your day-to-day every day.

We will create together a custom practice for you. A plan of action based on your schedule, your current life situations and goals for you to apply it for 30-days. We will tackle what's currently happening in your journey that no longer serves you, to remove what is holding you back, and shift you to move forward. We will end the session with a plan for you to take home with a custom healing practice.

We can also meet over Facetime or Skype.


* Please note: It's a journey for both and I will discern whether it's a good match for us to work together or not. All sessions are non-refundable    

P.S. There's no payment at this time. This is just a chance for you to book a time and date that works best for you. 


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