Blending With Your Soul Gathering

~ 2 hours
~ Small or large groups. No previous experience is required, all are welcome!

Your personality embarks upon a journey here on earth.
Soul Light guides the way.
Your soul plane is your destination.
At the temple of the Enlighten Ones
we call our soul, and she comes.
The Beings of Light are there to assist you,
as you blend with your soul.
You are infused with the love, will, and light of your soul.
Her precious jewel.
Your soul’s presence becomes part of your daily life.


This is a sacred workshop that holds a very powerful frequency. A beautiful ritual to be held with a collective group. We will clear our minds through breathing exercises, meditation, and sound. We will connect with our souls and experience our true power within. Each participant will walk away with a deeper connection and understanding of their true-self. This makes for a beautiful evening of soul-care.


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