Reiki + Chakras Healing Gathering

~ This is a 2 part workshop. 2 hours each + Peanut Hour. This means, tea, healthy snacks, and good conversations.

~ Small or large groups. No previous experience is required. All are welcome!

Open the door to your energy centers, the gateway to your infinity. The word chakra in Sanskrit means "wheel." Our chakras are energy centers that are not located in your physical body. They exist as subtle energies in your etheric body. There are seven centers. They start from the base of your spine and ascend to your head center. These centers have many responsibilities with you, and we have a responsibility for them; to keep them healthy and open to clean outdated or negative programming that may be getting in the way. A healthy chakra is a clear, loving communication with our inner guidance. Chakras are composed of streams of energy that act as receivers and transmitters of energy. Each center represents a different consciousness. When we have our centers aligned, we feel empowered, at peace, and at ease.

During this 2 part workshop, we connect with each center to balance it and find healing within. You will learn powerful chakra balancing tools that help dissolve stress, fear, and anxiety, removing any blockages that are holding you center tight and contracted, allowing these to open up to receive and connect with your divinity. We will work with chakras on a practical level so you can use these techniques in your day-to-day and bring yourself back to balance whenever you need to.


1. We will meet once to work on our grounding lower energy centers - these interact with energies in the three-dimensional world of form and matter. They affect your physical life, such as how you manifest, your personality, and your relationships with the world and people around you.

2. We will meet a second time to work on our heart center and the three higher centers. These higher centers primarily influenced your intellectual, intuition, and spiritual life.


This 2 1/2 hour workshop will cover the essential characteristics and functions of each chakra. There will be a combination of breathwork, crystals, and essential oils, as well as a yoga and meditation practice, to help stimulate and balance each chakra.

Empower yourself in areas where you are ready to heal. It is a multidimensional relationship; your personality and your subtle body (energy centers), treat the body, the heart, and the aura. Heal thy self.


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