May: Cleaning + Strengthening Your Immune System Energy Healing Session (The physical body)

This month: The physical body.

This is a 60 mins Energy Healing Session that focuses on cleaning and strengthening your Immunologic system. 

In person or Zoom

The overall function of the immune system is to prevent or limit infection. The immune system is a complex network of cells and proteins that defends the body against infection. The thing is that this system tends to get full quickly, slowing down its efficiency. The immune system is not on defense. It is not in struggle, it is in balance and collaboration for us.

Who is this session for:
~ If you like to keep your system clean and healthy.
~ If you are currently
 fighting a disease-causing, any bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi, to remove it from the body.
~ If you are under high levels of stress, you get colds easily, have lots of tummy troubles, or feel tired all the time.
~ If you recently travel or where exposed to harmful substances from the environment, aka: a party weekend (yes alcohol too ;) , we will recognize and neutralize the body.

Love to you, m 


besos, m


~ What is Energy Healing?
~ Why Spirituality?


*** If you are sending this session as a gift, please write the email of the person you are gifting this session too, at the time of check out :) thank you angel, besos, m