The art of being a women Work Book

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This is what you are made out of. It is a matter of learning how to manage your energy, listen to your body’s needs, and taking care of it! Every single thing you need and you are looking for you already are. Dust these six golden temples that live within you. Remember, regain your essence; it is the only truth, the only way. You are loved, and you excerpt love, you teach love, learn your value, and get excited to love yourself! It is the most important relationship in your life!


“Not only are you powerful, you are prestigious.

Not only are you prestigious, you are beautiful.

Not only are you beautiful, you are consciousness.

Not only are you consciousness, you are the spirit.

Not only are you the spirit, you are the security of the future,

the most bountiful beauty ever God created.

Men call it ‘woman.’” 

— Yogi Bhajan. July, 23, 1984


I hope you join me for this beautiful healing practice, love, Maria
~ art Unknown

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