3 Bored

Feeling bored, dragging and that the struggle is real?...let's use it for your advantage!



Boredom will push you to engage in activities that you find more meaningful than those at hand. It will show you what you are truly interested in and will open a door to a new chapter in your life. Boredom can be stressful, by experiencing boredom you are resisting the now, thereby creating inner tension. If boredom is resistance to what is presently perceived as undesirable, then let's get clear what it is you want, and makes you happy. Close your eyes, you're missing out, listen and learn what it is that makes you put your socks on and go!

Below you will find quick hacks to get you moving. Read, search, play - - take what you need! The important thing is that you allow yourself to shift, even if it is a teeny-weeny shift in perspective, in your thinking, in your feeling. Shifts are subtle ways to seeing things from a different perspective, acquire some self-love, self-compassion, and harness the strength to keep on going. That is why they say that the tinnies shift of them all can actually move mountains. So before we go any further ...stop, take a deep breath, feel the air!







Have 3 minutes of spare? Reset - - Refresh.

When you show your body to relax and your mind to open up, after 40 days it becomes a habit. Can you teach your body to  act not to react?

Boredom typically occurs when you have trouble focusing your attention in a place or space and believe the reason for this difficulty is in your environment. But as spiritual seekers, we know our environment is a reflection of how we are feeling inside. So let's start with feeling better inside and this will helps us shift our environment. Sit and listen. That's it. Listen to the rain. This will teach you to listen to what you truly want. 



Vibrate these mantras everywhere you go. Find stillness and ease to find release.

>  Feeling board? Great that means you have time to sit and meditate! FINDYOURSELF

Have nothing to do? Practice LOVE & GRATITUDE.

>  Let's figure out why you are bored. CLOSE YOUR EYES, WHAT DO YOU FEEL?



Instant Game Changers. Discover NEW habits! 

We have these powerful beautiful tools everywhere in our shop and in every Current Mood tab because they have such a profound effect on our bodies and our mood aka; your frequency. Our mind follows our breath, but let’s be honest, life is tough and sometimes it’s hard to change your perception or limiting believes, no matter how much breathing you do! That said it’s not the only way! You can actually change your mind by adjusting the chemistry of your body. Then the mind has no other option but to melt into the incredible sensations that your body is feeling, surrendering to a relaxed and neutral state of mind. Allowing you to find clarity, connect back to love and in the end find peace with it all.  

>  Get off your phone, TALK TO SOMEONE get moving!

>  Meditate with THIS BEAUTY will get you moving, give you clarity and enthusiasm (wink, wink).

>  Non-sense. 30 DAYS OF PRACTICE shake it off!






Thank you for stopping by. For reading, browsing, searching and filling in with some real goodness.
For not letting our frenetic world take charge of your mind and heart. Congrats for choosing peace of mind.





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