doTERRA made simple

1. doTERRA has the best oils available to us. Here is  why I choose doTERRA. All their oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade  a step above organic.) This means you can digest them. If you are taking the time to meditate, do yoga or any wellness practice, amplify it with essential oils — do not miss out. 

2. Be part of this incredible partnership between Elena Brower and I! When you join our team you'll have full access to her incredible educational and inspirational site as well as part of my Spiritual Laundry Monthly Meditation Circle with Oils.

3. You'll receive an incredible network of mentorship to use your Oils, and if you wish, guidance on how to start and organize a creative and thriving home business. You'll feel entirely supported and part of a vibrant, real community, in which you can serve and be served. 

4. If you are looking for a soul-connection practice you can take anywhere, keep it simple, and extremely effective, you're going to LOVE this partnership. Here is how doTERRA changed my life. I've made it very simple for you to start and enroll in these 3 steps.

~ Ready? ~


A basic Kit with a few of our most popular Single Oils and Blends. This is great for personal use.



This is my ultimate favorite one! These oils work, try them yourself! ​These are the blends with which I personally work the most, and share with my clients. 



If you are looking to introduce natural products for home cleaning and lifestyle in your home this is the one! It has the most popular Single Oils and Blends. You'll also receive a free Diffuser with this Kit!



This is a great kit that covers a range of doTERRA products for your personal care and home. It includes the ten most popular Single Oils and Blends, my favorite diffuser, a 30-day supply of the Lifelong Vitality Supplements (which have changed my life) plus On Guard Soap, Cleaner and Detergent for your home.