This is why nature is here with us

It's time to pay attention to natures properties and why they are here with us. Plant oils are concentrated hydrophobic liquids (easily evaporated) compounds from plants or simply oils extracted from different plants. However what I've learned in my spiritual practice, is that these beauties are soooo much more than just compounds from plants. Deeply empowering and enriching, both energetically and physically, these extractions speak the same language as our body. Working with nature has become the support for my practice. Essential and flower oils changed my life, and as all good things are to be shared, I'm so passionate to share this world with you. 

Essential oils taught me there is a way to have your cellular body, your physical body and your soul working towards that same goal!  For that, I want to share this portion of my journey with you. Bellow are a few of my favorite practices with natural resources.

Love, MM

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