Pick Your Vibe

pick your outfit — pick your vibe.

This week, set up your frequency every morning, during the day, for special occasions, and during the night. In other words, all the time!

Manage your day based on your needs. Don’t let others dictate what frequency you are vibrating. When we don’t set our vibe, we pick up on what’s around us because frequencies match, and attract one other. When you don’t choose your vibe, and you sit next to a grumpy neighbor, chances are you will walk away grumpy as well. You may not even know why you just are. Sounds familiar?


It’s like choosing what to wear every morning, or for a special occasion. Different colors and styles of outfits make you feel different. It’s the same with your frequency: Different vibes make you feel different as well. Every morning, as soon as you open your eyes, pick your vibe, bathe yourself in this frequency before you get out of bed and start your day!



~ If you need peace, call it in:

Today, I choose to live in a frequency of peace.

~ If you have a meeting half-day, call in what you need:

I choose to be in a frequency of effective communication.


Morning:Today I choose to be in a frequency of


Night time: I choose to be in a frequency of

Just by choosing to bring awareness to your frequency, you shift your vibration. You are now in an empowered place of choice. “What frequency do I want to choose at this moment?” This question is a powerful and instant expander. It lifts you to your highest in seconds.