Free laundry!

Say whaaaaa

Just like we shower every day (wink, wink) and try to match our missing socks from laundry loads,
our internal house would also beneficent -greatly- from some cleaning and organizing. 
It's easy to forget or not to set a priority to clean our mind, heart, soul
...but stress not - because we are making it really easy for you, we are all about practicality!

So from the comfort of your own home, and with your pets, disconnect to connect.
Lay down, relax, and join Maria for some breathing techniques, meditation
and sound bath healing. Together as a collective, via Instagram or Facebook. 
Yei to living in the future!

How: Via Instagram or Facebook

When: Every new moon (typically first week of the month- not always!)

Time: 4 p.m.(PST)  /  7 p.m.(EST)

Cost: FREE!