What is energy healing?

When we silence our minds, we allow our body to relax and our soul to come forward. Together we create a sacred space to call in your soul, for release and peace within.


Energy healing targets your energy fields. Everything that is in your physical body and mind was first created in one of your 7 energy fields. Healing is a multidimensional act. We can have clarity and awareness of our physical mind and body, but we need our energy fields to match this vibration, so they can all work together as one, so we can feel whole. This is energy healing.

During physical injury or emotional pain energy gets stagnate in the body, these energy blocks can cause illness, make us feel down or lost. During our energy healing session we locate these blocks allowing us to release those pressure points and heal. We release them, re-pattern energy that became stagnate or blocked in your body and start to soothe your heart allowing it to come back to your truth, your pure essence.

In time, these energy blocks are what creates so much discomfort with in us, that is why an energy healing session feels so good, because we have been holding onto this discomfort for so long and we are allowing it to be released. Energy release clears your pathways allowing anything that is holding you back to come up to the surface to be healed and released.

These sessions are a beautiful opportunity to give the emptiness of your heart and the tiredness of your soul a chance to reset and refresh and find peace in our journey and passion for our purpose. We are so good at taking care of our physical body, but what about your subtle bodies? 


I am called to work with the soul. It is my connection to source. Soul healing is a way to connect with your higher self. When we open this door, we invite your soul to come forward and guide us to release and heal what needs to be moved for you highest good.

We are a beautiful dual combination of a soul in a human consciousness. Your soul is in constant communication with all aspects of your environment, seen and unseen. She has so much to say, she wants to help and guide us. Soul healing is a way of connecting and communicating with your higher self and hearing all that she has to say, her messages, and her healing. You need only to journey within to find answers to your questions. What you are seeking is seeking you. I'm here to guide the way.


Breathwork is a powerful active meditation using a multi-part fast-paced breath. I first tried breathwork as a participant in 2016 and felt in love with it. The roots of so many unwanted patterns come to float while the breath works its way deep into the written physical and emotional chemistry of your body to bring it to the surface to release it. 

Part of why I love breathwork so much is that it reminds us we hold the power within ourselves to shift and heal ourselves and our past experiences even when the pain is deep. It's in the subtlety of the breath that we can ease pain and grief. The breath is your medicine. It is a psychedelic and transcendent experience.


Pregnancy is the most sacred time in a woman life. It is pure consciousness. During pregnancy, mom and baby share one energetic field. The same field that will then be split into two when the baby comes to earth. That is why moms tend to feel disoriented during the first three years, especially in the first six months, because their energetic field has been split in two and is adapting to this new form.

Because they are holding the space, sharing their energy field with their newborn as well as keeping their connection with themselves, new moms are feeling something they have never experienced before. But with this depth comes the most intuitive, and most expansive opportunity to heal within. 

During our session we even out mom's energetic field, relaxing any physical or emotional discomfort. We sooth, relax and connect the energy between mom and baby. This is a safe practice of soothing and relaxing feelings both for mom and baby.

For all women thinking about conscious conception, during pregnancy, or the 4th trimester. 


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki energy is administered through gentle touch and activates the natural healing processes of the body to restore physical and emotional wellbeing. It works with the life force energy that flows through us. A Reiki treatment feels like a beautiful glowing radiance is flowing through and around your body as it relaxes and balances your body, mind, and soul. This holistic modality treats the whole person and creates many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and wellbeing. A reiki session is the creation of calm and stillness within your magnetic field. It is a reset button for your mind and heart.


During our appointment we will check-in to see what feels current for you. We will discuss your desires and intentions for the session, and any concerns you might have. I use a variety of healing techniques from many traditions and philosophies to restore inner peace. At the end we cut cords and clear energetic ties between friends, family, past loves, and others, which enable us to move forward in our true empowerment.​

Energy healing is very safe and relaxing. No prior knowledge or experience is required. All sessions are unique and are intuitively guided to meet your souls highest potential. Jump high, dive deep.

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