What is KY?

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness

It's a practice that awakens and raises the energy + consciousness for you to experience your soul. It's a beautiful uplifting blend that combines meditation, mantra, physical exercises and breathing techniques.

In its early creation, Kundalini was a study of the science of energy and spiritual philosophy, and in ancient times, royalty would sit with Kundalini Masters to hear the ancient scientific teachings of Kundalini and spiritual visions. It was Yogi Bhajan who brought Kundalini to our western culture and transformed it into the beautiful practice with ancient knowledge and modern practicality that it is today.

We all have “locks” in our body where energy is stuck and we are no longer in flow with our mind-body connection. Kundalini Yoga pulls the energy at the base of your spine up, all the way through the roof of your crown and outward so that energy can flow and create balance in your energy centers in a graceful manner. 

This powerful practice is designed to detox your body, balance your emotions, strengthen your nervous system, and shift your consciousness into a balanced vibration. Maria teaches Kundalini classes where you can take these incredible teachings and technology, and apply the currently world we live in. Sharing the tools while respecting the tradition and the lineage.

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Khalsa Way Prenatal yoga

Khalsa Way was founded by Gurumukh Kaur. She was a student of Yogi Bhajan, and blessed her to translate the teachings for the pregnancy path.

Khalsa Way is a holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Pregnancy is the most powerful transformation period for a woman. Prenatal yoga opens the door for her to experience the powerful energetic connection woven between her and her unborn child, awakening a deeper consciousness that is offered to us at this time. It is from this space of consciousness that she will tap in and release any fear that may keep her from experiencing the best birth possible.

Prenatal Yoga is a gathering of multiple lineages of yoga, the breath, the movements, and the flow are all designed for pregnancy. This class provides a beautiful opportunity to come together with other expectant mothers, to share with this community, feel safe, and empower one another along this powerful journey into motherhood.

All women in all trimesters of pregnancy are welcome, looking to conceive, already have kids or are looking for a gentle, yet empowering yoga class.

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Actually, Kundalini Yoga means awareness. Awareness is a finite relationship with infinity . . . This dormant energy is in you. This awareness is sleeping so you only experience (a limited part of) your full capacity. When it can be extended to Infinity, you remain You! In that state, nothing is lacking. This is the basic human structure, the framework through which we have to function.” — YOGI BHAJAN