Why do we practice?


What is a Healing Practice?

We practice, so we can develop consistency with the ins and outs of life. So we can remain neutral to our lessons, the things happening around us. With a practice, we can see more clearly who we are, how we've been raised, and what our programing is. As we start to awaken and develop clarity for who we really are, we start to live a more empowered, peaceful, wise lifestyle.

We develop a practice to find strength. We meet at our practice to remember who we are. We fall in love with our practice because we are ultimately falling in love with ourselves. We welcome our practice as part of our daily self. As what we choose to be and show up as.

Spiritual Laundry is a practice I developed many years ago, and I committed to for many Sundays. I feel blessed to be able to share these simple but so powerful chapters or spiritual guides that showed me so much truth, that guided me into ease for life. That helped me shed layers, and layers of heavy noise and emptiness within. 

Sundays are great days for personal deep conversations, the energy is built for renewal and introspection. But you can off course do it whenever you prefer! 

The art of this program is that each Sunday you'll receive a healing guide e-book. These will be chapters of your very own spiritual book. I create them, write them, and design them. Add them to your SL folder, file them up, and start to witness your very own spiritual road map. Cleaning and clearing your path!

I hope you join me in this powerful healing practice, if you have any questions please send me a message or check our FAQ's page!

Love to you, Maria * Pavan