10.28 Clearing Fear of Seeing/Gifts ~ Distance Energy Healing Session


5:00 pm Pacific Time ~ 45 mins session
No need for Zoom or to connect in any way.
I will send you an email with instructions.  


THE VEIL IS THINNING ✨ Between now and the first week of November, the veil between the physical world and the spiritual one begins to thin, delivering us into the November energy.

This is a time when we have a chance to clear karmic debts, dense energy, contracts, or negative cords that keep you in fear of your gifts ~ seeing, feeling, knowing, connecting to source. It is a choice you make, to release these ties, to allow yourself to evolve. So when you are delivered to the Nov energy; empower our powers and our authentic self/gifts, you can do so in love and not fear.

This is a distance energy healing session to clear and remove fears (this or past lifetimes) of seeing the unseen, hearing the unheard, knowing the unknown, and feeling from the beyond. Releasing fear for your gifts. Your service is now being requested, hence why you are waking up into empowerment and kinda done with running away and hiding. Listen to your calling. Not for you, for the world. For your service. All my love, m



This is a distance energy healing session. You DO NOT have to be present during our session if you can't make it (5:00 pm).I explain everything, and what to do in the email I send before this session.

Sending you all my love, keep your vibe alive, m


*** If you are sending this class as a gift. Please make sure to write the email of the person you are gifting this session, you can do so at checkout.