11.11 Portal ~ Raise your Frequency Distance Energy Healing Session


5:00 pm Pacific Time ~ 45 mins session
No need for Zoom or to connect in any way.
I will send you an email with instructions.  

FREE if you are joining us for our end of year Retreat. More info HERE

This is the beginning of our Holiday Retreat.

1 is the energy of new beginnings. On November 11th, the energy is amplified. This beautiful portal opens up for us to connect with our guides, ancestors, angels and lift veils that are no longer serving us; in order to raise our vibration. 


It is a gateway to higher realms that allow us to release and comprehend what we currently can't. We will be working with our guides and calling them in during our retreat, so before we manifest such we will set this intention and open this door. 

This is a distance energy healing session. Just like the ones you receive here in my healing studio. You DO NOT have to be present when I am sending healing if you can't make it (5:00 pm). I explain everything, and what to do in the email I send before this session.

Sending you all my love, keep your vibe alive, m


*** If you are sending this session as a gift. Please make sure to write the email of the person you are gifting this session, you can do so at checkout.