SL Magic Open Planner: Unlocking Your Chakra System

Let these codes open you up
Remind you of your powers
The magnetic way of your soul
The magic of your spirit's anatomy
The vibration of pure love

Your past, present, and future
All here at once
Your deepest wounds
And your most faithful prayers
Written in your electric grid
Held by your in-house portals

The only way out; through each door
And since they all work as partners
To open one
You must acknowledge the others

And so, dear Divine
As I open these doors
Teach me their powers and their source
For if this is what I'm made off
I chose no longer to rely just on my human form

Please hold me while I release
Please guide me when I fall blind
Please fill me up when I empty out
So I can arrive home

For when I have crossed all doors
I am one with your heart
And you are one with my soul
The only place I am looking for

12 Months - 12 Chakras
Every Month heals a Chakra


  • Chakra Energy work
  • Start whenever this gem falls into your hands
  • 12 Months, 12 Chakras, 52 weeks
  • Every Month unlocks a Chakra
  • Every week has a chapter composed of 4 practices
  • Monthly energy + intuitive work
  • Self-discovery pages: shadow work, intuition, creativity + abundance
  • Moon work
  • You will need a deck of cards, THESE ONES or any!
  • Rose foil cover
  • Wire-O bound, white (steel)
  • 550 pages
  • Made in the USA, 
  • Designed + written by me

~ The best part: I am holding a FREE Chakras WORKSHOP SERIES, with the Planner purchase.  4 online workshops during the next 4 Months to expand the work of your Planner and your spiritual practice during 2022. READ MORE HERE


Time to evolve and get to know your soul. Welcome to the fascinating journey of your subtle body. Con todo mi amor, from my altar to yours, ♥️ Maria

Please note this is a Limited Edition Book. I only print them in November.