3.8 Intro to Kundalini + Meditation with ESO Livewell ~ Zoom

5 - 6:30 pm PT ~ via ZOOM
Recording will be sent the next morning for you to have.


During this 90-minute renewing class, we will experience an introduction to your multidimensional self. Getting to know yourself is something that no one can take away from you once you've experienced it. In the short-term, you may be looking to recover from physical or mental exertion that has left you exhausted, disconnecting you from yourself. Or on a broader scale, you may be focused on a long-term goal of self-healing. Whatever it is within you that needs to be released and rejuvenated, this class will give you the experience of plugging you back to you.

We will move through an ancient and powerful practice designed to detox your body, balance your emotions, strengthen your nervous and glandular system, and shift your consciousness into a peaceful vibration. This is where we will start, opening your intuition and self-awareness, recognizing the beauty in all you do and touch. Kundalini yoga is a self-healing practice. We close class with a Gong sound bath.

About Eso Live Well Studio
What is Kundalini Yoga?

My story + Kundalini

Please gather
~ A quiet, comfortable space
~ Headphones, chargers for computer/phone
~ Pillows, blankets, essential oils, palo santo, crystals, pets 
~ Oracle cards if you have any and like them

Zoom link will be sent to your email before class. Sending you so much love. Please reach out if you have any questions. See you in class, Maria ❤️ 

*** Some of you are sending this class as a gift, please make sure to write the email of the person you are gifting this session too. You can do so in the notes section at checkout.