THURSDAYS Distance Reiki

Every Thursday, next session: July 16th
6 pm PT / 9 pm ET
No need for Zoom. I will send you an email with instructions. 
$10 ~ 45 min


I am committed to your heart.

This week, turn off the lights, computers, and phones, and relax to receive a Distance Reiki Healing Session. I will hold your energetic essence between my hands and let your universal bank open up to welcome whatever is in your soul's path best interest to come in —no need for Zoom or to connect in any way. Energy has no boundaries, no time, and no space. Lay down, grab some crystals, or essential oils, invite your pets (they also receive and love it), and open up to this beautiful experience. If you have never had a distance energy healing session, I invite you to try this out; it is like a massage for your soul. This is also a beautiful time to lay down together with your kids, husband or mother in law ;)


Love, MM