Clear beliefs + Personality traits Meditation Class + Sound bath

This is a recording ~

This meditation is very simple. It will change your metabolism and your bloodstream. Your glandular system will secret differently. It will change your breathing and your mental projections. It's a meditation for your patterns, your thinking + your personality. Because the chaos is within. Sit with me, practice, everything else will be taken care of. Your body is wise, we are working with her language. We practice this meditation as a science — not as a mythology. There is no mystery. You will be able to feel it and see it all.

Invite your whole system (mind, body, and soul) to unwind and find stillness through breathing techniques, meditation, and sound. This class is designed to detox your body, balance your emotions, strengthen your nervous system, and shift your consciousness into a place of peace within. We will close the evening with a beautiful healing sound bath to promote deep relaxation. Low impact on the body. 

Please gather
~ A quiet, comfortable space
~ Headphones, chargers for computer/phone
~ Pillows, blankets, essential oils, palo santo, crystals, pets 
~ Pen and paper
~ Oracle cards if you have any and like them 

*** Some of you are sending this class as a gift. Please make sure to write the email of the person you are gifting this session too at the time of checkout.