Rebranding + Healing

Have a project or a brand but it's feeling off?

Your vibration has changed. Your intentions and everything that is being poured through you to create is different now. We went (and are going) through a massive reconfiguration individually and collectively, so this is totally normal. Brands need a refresh from time to time, is just that you might be noticing it more this time.

If you are going to spend time + energy on creating/rebranding your service/product, let's make sure it's in alignment with your energy and soul's purpose. What does this mean?

We will meet for 2 private sessions, 1 for you and 1 for your business. Yes, your business is also a living being full and fueled with energy. We want to start clear and clean, so we will release any blockages you or your idea might have. And by blockages I mean: fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, energy parasites, curses, cords, or fidelities.

We do this so we can align both of you to the highest timeline and purpose for the highest good of all involved and all you will serve. 

We will create and design your brand once clear and cleaned. We will then meet again to make sure it is all in alignment, ready to take off!


1. One healing session for you.

2. One healing session for your brand. (Products + services are also beings, they are also energy with all the dense qualities as well).

3. Design work, branding, marketing, concepting. We will refresh the feel and look of your entire brand.


When your heart and your product/services are in alignment you can start to move in alignment with the energy of your soul's desire. This means effortlessly, creative and prosperous. 

Send me a message if you have any questions, happy to talk about what this could mean for you. Sending you all my love, m