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In person or ZOOM
English o Español

Any first-time session with me ~ we start here! This is a 60 minutes Soul Healing session. During this session, we will unmask the what, where, and why's of your life. We will restore and balance the energy flow of any disturbance or illnesses on your physical, emotional, or mental body, cleaning your energy centers and tunning them back to balance.

When we are clear, we can continue our journey by connecting with creativity, peace, and safety. This is a session/journey for you to see your human layers through your soul's eyes. When we see with our soul's eyes, we become expansive, resting back into who we really are; love.

I will email you within 24h to find a good time + day for us to get together.

Love to you, m 


~ What is Energy Healing?

*** If you are sending this session as a gift, please write the email of the person you are gifting this session too; at the time of check out :)