Chakras Alignment Flower Essence

Information to support the health and flow of energy in our back, spine and chakras.

The first one to reach for with any back related situation, Watch Your Back helps keep the highest vibration possible flowing through all the chakras. This is no small task given the increased energies our systems are accommodating these days. It also is very helpful for situations in which a person or animal feels electrically either blocked or unable to discharge excess electrical negativity. It offers great protective information helping us keep others 'off our backs' or us from 'shouldering too much.'
-Helps keep our energy fields clear and protected, especially if our backs are a place of energetic vulnerability for us.
-Contains many Palm Flower Essences that offer profound information about spinal and nerve health, flexibility, resilience and moving light.

This flower essence is a mix of the Elementals of GHF Flower Essence, and energy healing from South American shamanic prayers infuse from mother earth. 

~ These essences are 100% natural, and anyone can take them. 
~ A few drops in water or under your tongue, massage on the skin or spray them Learn more here.
~ You can not overdose on flower essence. 
~ They taste good.


~ How does flower essence work? 
~ My story with flower essences
~ Elementals of Green Hope Farm


Bottle Palm, Chinese Fan Palm, Coconut Palm, Date Palm, European Fan Palm, Figi Fan Palm, Fishtail Palm, Golden Areca Palm, Goldenrod, Heavenly Bamboo, Lilac, Manila Palm, Mystery Palm, Niella, Potato Vine, Queen Palm, Royal Palm, Sago Palm, Snapdragon, Sunflower Spiral, Tuberose.

1/2 oz. bottle. 100% all-natural.