For Healing Wounds (+ childhood) Flower Essence

Healing our wounds completely and for good from the inside out.

This essence is very close to my heart.
This combination remedy works in the emotional, mental, physical, and etheric/memory bodies to close wounds that may appear healed but still magnetize to us the same kinds of problems, accidents, incidents, illnesses, interpersonal dramas, and other wounds re-opening events over and over again. Isn’t it time to be done with the same old story? This Essence helps us get the job done.

If you attract the same kind of interpersonal dramas, re-injure the same place in your body, or feel you have a magnet attracting the same problems, this Essence if for you! We have waited a long time for the Angels to tell us we had all the Flower Essences we needed to make this mix. We are so happy to offer it to you!

This is a very versatile Flower Essence combination for ANY kind of wound. It does not need to be a reoccurring situation but supports healing ANY kind of wound, be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Here at the farm, we use it for any injuries.

This flower essence is a mix of the Elementals of GHF Flower Essence, and energy healing from South American shamanic prayers infuse from mother earth. 

~ These essences are 100% natural, and anyone can take them. 
~ A few drops in water or under your tongue, massage on the skin or spray them Learn more here.
~ You can not overdose on flower essence. 
~ They taste good.


~ How does flower essence work? 
~ My story with flower essences
~ Elementals of Green Hope Farm



Abandonment & Abuse, Angelica, Artichoke, Beach Pea, Brown-Eyed Evening Primrose, Christmas Bush, Comfrey, Dainty Bess Rose, Desert Chicory, Desert Forget-Me-Not, Epimedium, Ethereal Fluidium Super Glue, Fireweed, Fremont Pincushion, Narrative of Release, Phoenix Rising, Queen Anne’s Lace, Queen of the Night, Red Flower from Santorini, Re-Union, The Sacred Feminine, The Sacred Masculine, Sweet Olive, Swamp Candles, The Three Phacelia Sisters.

1/2 oz. Bottle. 100% all-natural.