Frontline workers ~ Energy Healing Session

We help and support one another with our gifts. I am called to support all the frontline workers, nurses, anyone working in hospitals, showing up for humanity.

I am offering these beautiful souls 1 hour Energy Healing Sessions for $40. During this session, you will lay down on the table and your only job will be to rest. That's it. I will replenish, release, and recharge your systems. If you have never had energy healing done before, think of it as a soothing + peaceful massage for your mind, body + soul.

Please share this with anyone in need, consciously or not. That's what friends are for! We paid it forward at coffee shops once; let's do it again, this time with our frontline workers. If you know one ~ just one ~ nurse or doctor in need, they will know someone else, and they will know someone else... and just like that, we can give back to those who have given us so much. I am holding sessions via zoom as well.

Have a beautiful week, angels. Sending you all my love, stay safe,

Maria. ♥️