For Healing Our Healers Flower Essence

Healing the Healers

This is a powerful and timely mix for healers that are doing their homework and helping to amplify the vibration on earth. Healers need healing too you know?! This essence is to keep your practice and connection strong so you can continue to support your destiny. Healers are on the front lines of grounding the higher vibrations manifesting on Earth. They help others ground these vibrations even as they face the challenges of doing this for themselves. When there is a vibrational push on the planet, as there is right now, healers feel this the most. We offer this mix as support to all those who hold their light up in the world and help others do so as well.

This flower essence is a mix of the Elementals of GHF Flower Essence, and energy healing from South American shamanic prayers infuse from mother earth. 

~ These essences are 100% natural, and anyone can take them. 
~ A few drops in water or under your tongue, massage on the skin or spray them Learn more here.
~ You can not overdose on flower essence. 
~ They taste good.


~ How does flower essence work? 
~ My story with flower essences
~ Elementals of Green Hope Farm



Agnes Rose, Angelica, Asclepias, Agrippina Rose, Belerephon of the Open Door, Bells of Ireland, Bird of Paradise, Black Cohosh, Blueberry, The Butterfly Garden, Cardinal Flower, Corn, Date Palm, Delphinium, The Fairy Rose, Fireweed, Gallandia Rose, Gardenia, Golden Armor, Goldenrod, Henry Hudson Rose, Heritage Rose, Jade, La Belle Sultane Rose, Lady Penzance Rose, Lady's Mantle, Lilac, Lime, Locust and Wild Honey, Love Prevails, The Mary Rose, Meadow Rue, Milkweed, Mutabilis Rose, Niella, Pasque Flower, Passion Flower, Pear, Phoenix Rising, Plum, Purple Flowering Raspberry, Pyrola Elliptical, Quatre Saisons Rose, Rain of Gold ,Red Currant, Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean, Self Heal, Shrimp Plant, Star of Bethlehem, Vanda Rothschildiana, The Venus Garden, Watermelon.

1/2 oz. bottle. 100% all-natural.