Volunteer ~ Soul Healing

Hi! I am working on an Energy Healing thesis for the American Holistic Nurses Association, and I am looking for people to volunteer.

This is a 60 mins Intuitive Soul Healing session. If you are stuck in a story, not finding momentum, nor being able to move forward, let's untangle your stories, aka life. This is what we call doing "the work." A powerful session that will unmask the what, where, and why's of your life allowing you to release and observe in order to find clarity and keep moving. Clarity is the power of your soul. This is a session/journey for you to see your human layers through your soul's eyes. When we see through our soul's eyes, we become expansive, resting back into who we really are; love.

At the end of the session, we will discuss any messages that came through for you and explore tools aka spiritual homework, for you to keep moving in the right direction. 

You can only volunteer once, so if you want more of this, check this out. If you are not interested, but you are reading this, would you mind sharing it with a friend or two interested in Energy Healing work? I need to see over 100 people! :) ...and if you are curious but want more info, write me; more than happy to share more info.

We can meet in person, I am located in Huntington Beach, or we can meet via zoom. I will email you within 24h to find a good time + day for us to get together.

All my love, m

~ What is Energy Healing?

*** If you are sending this session as a gift, please write the email of the person you are gifting this session too, at the time of check out :) thank you angel, besos, m