2021 Open Planner ~ Magnetic you are

Busy is not your purpose. Love is. Creation is. Joy is. Here’s to the most beautiful next 12 months together.

This planner is a journey within; every month builds upon the next one, as we start to dive deep inside and uncover where our abundance is coming from... And by abundance, I mean material things, but also love, peace, well-being, safety... stillness in your heart ~ this too is wealth ;)

My intention is for you to see the next 12 months from a different perspective — from within. Because abundance is an inner flow. It starts with you. You are the source of your abundance. You. Your connection, your light, your clarity, your goals, your projection, your relationships, your inner needs. You are a beautiful matrix designed to create whatever it is you are being called to manifest.

Time is the experience of evolution; welcome to a fascinating journey! Con todo mi amor, from my altar to yours, ♥️ Maria



  • Start whenever this gem falls into your hands
  • 6 x 8" Open 12 Month + 52 week view
  • Lunar/ yearly calendars for 2021-2022
  • Energy medicine tools + Yogic teachings to align with creation + abundance
  • Monthly meditations + energy ceremonies for intuition + abundance
  • Daily gratitude + habit trackers + moon intentions
  • Gold foil cover
  • Wire-O bound, white (steel)
  • Written + designed by me :) Made in the USA


  • Meditation for a peaceful mind
  • Meditation to strengthen your aura
  • Meditation for clarity
  • Meditation to become intuitive
  • Meditation to align with your soul
  • How to magnetize
  • Meditation for balance
  • Prosperity mudra + mantra
* Te entrego mis colores, para que tu viento, tu sabiduría, y tu magia lo lleven a los rincones donde mas lo necesiten. Esos rincones que laten un poquito muy fuerte o un poquito mas despacito. Corazones llenos de esperanza por una vida llena de paz y amor. Aquellos que saben, que saben. Te entrego este proyecto para que tu y solo tu sepas que hacer con el. Gracias por usarme, gracias por entenderme, gracias por tenerme tanta paciencia con mi humanidad. Estoy tratando, estoy mejorando, estoy sanando. Como me encanta verte, te amo, Maria.