Nov 13 & 14th ~ Spiritual Laundry Healing Retreat ~ In person


November. 13th & 14th
Costa Mesa, CA: 2790 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Saturday: 9-4 pm 
Sunday: 9-1 pm

 3 spots left!

Early bird ends Friday 22nd!


1 and a half days of healing here in Costa Mesa!
Join me on a healing, releasing, and transmuting journey to
raise your vibration.


This is a journey like no other. This is a self-healing space; you are your own healer. The tribe is just here to remind you what you have forgotten.

We will settle down into stillness; we notice the stirrings of our soul, our deeper longings, and blockages.

We clear all that no longer serves us from our mind, heart, energy body, across all time, space and dimensions. It served us, now let our lessons be shared with future generations. Then we reconnect to our truth. We comprehend what it means to manifest, but not from the ego nah! From the soul - co-creation! Authenticity. Safety within.

We organize our family lineage because replacing ancestors' paths is trending and not fun at all. We relax and drop into the frequency of sound, twice!

And then, we gather and rebirth into a new vibration - what we call leveling up. Through a sacred womb ceremony, we anchor this new vibration into our present in commitment to our future.

The best part, honestly, we get to do it with some epic! Epic! Group of lightworkers! If you are feeling all the feelings now, you have arrived. And what you dreamt of for many lifetimes is actually here. No need to fear; it is different this time.

Are you ready? We will walk together. * No experience is needed for any of these practices. All are welcome.



~ 1 day option available, but I highly recommend you give yourself these 2 days for the work we will be doing. We will need a one night sleep in between, it is part of our healing work, we will be working with our dreams.

~ Please pick a sweater size when you register.
~ This is the continuation of our alchemy class, yes.
~ Lunch and snacks on me.
~ If you need help/suggestions with hotels, let me know!
~ I always offer a healing session for $70 (reg.$120) for after the retreat know, it feels nice to process together. 

1 Spiritual Laundry 2022 Planner + Our Alchemy Workbook inside ;)

1 Kundalini + Meditation Class
1 Shamanic Journey
All the Automatic Writing
1 Burning ceremony
1 Family Constellations Session
3 Meditations
2 Energy Healing Sessions
1 Rebirth Womb Ceremony
2 Sound Baths
1 Lunch
1 Happy Hour ;)
~ 11.11 Open portal energy healing session

We will close class with a Rebirth Womb Ceremony from my South American teachers ❤️

~ Yoga mat, blankets, cushion to sit on, whatever makes you comfy/happy.
~ Layers, sweaters, socks, beanies
~ Water
~ An open mind & heart
* If you have any food allergies or restrictions please let me know, and please bring snacks and make sure you have things that make your body happy.


Here's what's about to go down: 
10.28: A few old fears are no longer in play. It is safe to see the unseen. so the veil will thin and we will clear.
11:11: Once no longer dense/fear for the unseen and our gifts are in place; our vibration gets raised. (Included)
11.13: Once you recognize what you are made of, you can know who you are. We will sit in authenticity, empowering our powers and aligning with them during our retreat.
2022 Planner: Once in alignment with who we are, and wide open to this new game, we will move through every portal, and cross one door at a time. When you find the keys to each door; unimaginable realms of existence unfold. Because, where magic exists, powers are in play. Plugin. It's never been like this before.
Here is my heart to yours. (Included)
This is actually why you said yes to today.

If you have any questions, or have never done a spiritual retreat but you are curious, ask me all the questions, clarity is power, I am here for you. 
Sending you all my love, bring a friend or two, m 

*** If you are gifting this retreat as a gift, please make sure to write the email of the person you are gifting this too at the time of checkout


People ask me all the time, how did you heal, release, and emptied out all your stuff? I always say; I took myself inside healing containers and glued my but on the floor, every opportunity I had. I made a choice; I committed to my commitment. I breathed it all out until I had nothing left in me because I didn't want to carry it inside of me anymore; it was heavy, very heavy. I surrendered to my teachers and guides. Every time I came out lighter, my vibration would shift, and so did my whole surroundings and life. I started to manifest abundance, really abundance like in all areas of life. Then, it was time to give. This, too, raises your vibration. So, I decided to pay it forward and share all that I have learned with anyone who wanted it. To release, to clear, to free themselves from themselves, to remember, and to connect on a deeper level to the whole universal flow. To offer that feeling of oneness; the "I am", the "we are one".  What I offer you, is exactly what I did to heal myself. Come sit with me. Blessings, m