SL Magic Planner + Cards Bundle

1 planner, 1 set of cards.

I have created The Magic Planner to tune in with your SL Cards. They are both designed and coded to work together, and unlock and wash that energy center/part of you that needs your attention to keep moving. My wish; that you start to embrace this multidimensional being that you are and genuinely love and accept your light because your presence is now being requested. 


  • Chakra Energy work
  • Start whenever this gem falls into your hands
  • 12 Months, 12 Chakras, 52 weeks
  • Every Month unlocks a Chakra
  • Every week has a chapter composed of 4 practices
  • Monthly energy + intuitive work
  • Self-discovery pages: shadow work, intuition, creativity + abundance
  • Moon work
  • You will need a deck of cards, THESE ONES or any!
  • Rose foil cover
  • Wire-O bound, white (steel) ~ 540 pages
  • Made in the USA, 
  • Designed + written by me
    ~With SL Magic Planner purchase you getFREE access to my Chakras WORKSHOP SERIES! 4 online workshops during the next 4 Months to expand the work of your Planner and your spiritual practice during 2022. READ MORE HERE



    • 74 cards, laminated front + back.
    • Based on the 13 Chakra system
    • Muslin bag
    • Goil Foil Poster


    Time to evolve and get to know your soul. Welcome to the fascinating journey of energy healing. Con todo mi amor, from my altar to yours, ♥️ Maria

    Please note books are Limited Edition. I only print them in November.