Animal Energy Care


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Our little ones are everything for us humans. Animals come to Earth to work on their emotional body, and sometimes when awakened enough, they start to tap into their mental body. When they find pain or a blockage, they appreciate the release and movement of it through energy work because it is their language. Because they are so tapped into this plane and are so sensitive to it, energy healing is an effortless way for them to absorb, digest, and release any foreign bodies this way. I love pets, and it is with great love + honor to serve yours. I understand they mean everything to you, as so do mine to me.

I can work on your pup or both of you. Your pet's needs are a reflection of your shadow/healing work, so I recommend we release him/her by recognizing it in you. I will email you within 24h to find a good time + day for us to get together.

Love to you, m 


~ What is Energy Healing?

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