Power - Rollerball with Citrine Gemstones

Manipura Solar Center 
Apply to solar plexus, just above the belly button

Cassia - Clove - Grapefruit - Lemon - Ginger
- Citrine Gemstones inside -

Start the ball rolling and don't relay only in your own strength! Surrender and let a higher power support you! 

Exclusive CG handmade blends, made in-house using the purest Essential Oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil, are here for you to take with you everywhere you go.  You will be amazed at how fast these beautiful custom made blends will shift you and empower you for what it is you need.

Use this pocket-perfect Solar Center Blend for personal power - - to regain confidence, and bring back empowerment. To feel at ease and great purpose and passion for life.

Use it when you need to expand your personal creativity, your power, and personal will. Use it in those days where self-doubt takes over when our negative mind creeps in and we feel like "someone is already doing that" or "what's the purpose" 

In Chinese medicine, our solar plexus is our power center. Our engine for everything! Empower it, sustain it, nurture it! 

  • I am confident in my life
  • I choose happiness
  • I move with courage and strength
  • I believe in myself