- 100% organic rose water -

Our Rose Water spray will become your favorite scent. It is one of the most popular and ancient beauty scent secrets. The most important skin benefits of rose water are its anti-inflammatory effects and its antioxidant effects on free radical damage.

- A few sprays of rose water will leave your skin feeling soft and be smelling great.
Rose water can (and should!) be added to your laundry
- You can also mix a few drops of rose water in with your shampoo or conditioner to help hydrate your hair.
- Spray a bit of rose water on your pillow and doze off the sleep. The idea is that you'll relax and wake up feeling totally ready to stop and smell the roses.
- Spray around yourself when you need a boost of compassion, focus, or self-love.

Rose hydrosol is calming and supportive of the sympathetic nervous system, uplifts and nourishes the spirit and enhances self-esteem.

Filtered well water, 190 proof ethyl (grain) alcohol and pure essential oil.

4 FL. 118 ML oz. 
Hand Made. No animal products. No animal testing. All natural made with essential oils.

Shake well before using. Not intended for internal use.