Surgical Procedure Energy Support


In person or ZOOM
English o Español

4 sessions of 60 mins each. Before, during, after, and a follow-up.

Energy Healing Session for any surgical procedure. We will work and support your bodies before, during, and after surgery. Prepare your body or the part of the body you will be receiving surgery. Clean the room/space/hospital, doctors, and surgical instruments. Clean your medicines, during and after your procedures. And restore balance of the energy flow on your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body after surgery. Surgeries are delicate not only on the physical body but across your multidimensional self. A clean, protected energy field and container is a successful, effortless and fast procedure and recovery.

At the end of the session, we will discuss any messages that came through for you, explore practical spiritual tools you can implement and I will give you soul homework for you to keep moving in the right direction. I will email you within 24h to find a good time + day for us to get together.

Love to you, m 


~ What is Energy Healing?
~ Why Spirituality?


*** If you are sending this session as a gift, please write the email of the person you are gifting this at the time of check out :)