To Quiet the Mind + Relax the Body Flower Essence

Relax and quiet the mind — the release of sanskaras.

Sanskaras are the filters or imprints left on our subconscious minds from experiences we have had. For example, if we have been robbed repeatedly, we might create a sanskara that people are not trustworthy, a filter that prevents us from a more complicated truth. The many sanskaras we have narrow our ability to experience life fully as they limit our perception of reality by forming a sort of multilayered lens through which we perceive our experiences. The unwinding of sanskaras is key to the process of God-realization, a path we are all embarked upon, and Flower Essences are masters of this process of release.

~ It helps us let go of sanskaras into a greatly expanded experience of self.

This flower essence is a mix of the Elementals of GHF Flower Essence, and energy healing from South American shamanic prayers infuse from mother earth. 

~ These essences are 100% natural, and anyone can take them. 
~ A few drops in water or under your tongue, massage on the skin or spray them Learn more here.
~ You can not overdose on flower essence. 
~ They taste good.


~ How does flower essence work? 
~ My story with flower essences
~ Elementals of Green Hope Farm



Alfalfa, Batchelor Buttons, Bay Cedar, Bee Balm, Box Briar, Box Elder (Ashleaf Maple), Comfrey, Coralita, Daffodil, Easter Lily Vine, Eyes of Mary, Flowering Quince, Flow Free, Grape, Joe Pye Weed, Lily of the Valley, Love in a Mist, Meadow Rue, Mehera, Orange, Osmanthus, Paper Birch, Pavonia Spinifex, Pink Water Lily, Pumpkin, Purple Leafed Chokecherry, Rosa Glauca, Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean, Scarlet Pimpernel, Spiderwort, Turk's Cap Cactus, White Water Lily, Wild Yellow Lily, Yellow Mullein, Yellow Water Lily.

1/2 oz. Bottle. 100% all-natural.