30 min Shift & Energy Clearing Session

30 mins or 1 H Phone Call or ZOOM Call 

We will untangle your stories, aka your life. This means, unmasking your belief system, where they come from, why and how you are using them to get in your own way. When we sit in clarity, we align with our heart therefore we feel centered, grounded, held and safe.

I'll take you through a journey so you can see your human layers through your soul's eyes. When we understand our path, why things are showing up the way they are, what is in it for us, how can we grow to learn and reset back with love, harmony, and balance in our lives, we drop stress, tension, anger, grief. When we see with our Souls eyes, our Universe becomes expansive falling back in love within.


*** If you are gifting this session, please make sure you write the email of the person you are gifting this too! I will reach out within 24h to find a good time and day for us to get together.